The Absolute Best Easy Drinking IPAs To Drink This Spring, According To Bartenders

One of the biggest downfalls of the IPA is the way its flavor profile is perceived (unfairly) in broad strokes. There’s an assumption among IPA haters that all IPAs are brutally hopped. They’re often thought to be exploding with citrus or filled with dank funk and finish dry and uncomfortably, mouth-puckering bitter. And that’s pretty fair … sometimes.

Clearly, there are a lot of IPAs that fall into that category, and those are brewed because there’s a wide swath of drinkers who prefer those hoppy, bitter bombs (and it’s also a lot faster/cheaper to make). But the IPA is a complex beer with tons of different styles, versions, and offshoots. Many of which are much more subdued and easy to drink.

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